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Treasury and Cash Management
Advanced predictive and robotic process automation

Join the age of digital predictive planning and explore the cutting-edge of Treasury Management Systems (TMSs)

KPMG Predictive Analytics for Cashflow F

Predictive Analytics for Cashflow Forecasting

In this elucidating article, KPMG expert Martin Thomas explains how computer-assisted forecasting methods can help corporate treasuries with their company-wide liquidity planning.


Treasury Solutions Guide

Orchard Finance has released this comprehensive overview of the leading providers within the TMS ecosystem. They also delve into the opportunities that innovative technology can bring to treasury managers’ tables.

Gartner - How AI will Transform Finance

How AI Will Transform Financial Management Applications?

Many financial forecasting and planning processes are manually intensive and suffer from inherent human biases. Find out why Gartner believes that embedded AI will become a key differentiating factor in finance systems evaluations.

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Be Strategic

Cash management should play a strategic role in your company's financial health. Gain real-time control, develop superior predictive capabilities, and put yourself at the head of the pack with optimized liquidity management.

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Be Dynamic

Advanced technology can be a game-changer for treasury departments. Digital transformations allow for real-time bank connectivity, efficient cash flow and working capital analytics, smart AI, predictive forecasting, and RBA.


Make a Real Impact

Centralize your data, then mine that data for actionable insights. Increase data integrity, reduce time cycle times, and predict and mitigate financial risks.

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