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Profitability Management & Costing
Beyond Financial Reporting - Mining Insights from Data 

Uncover the insights hidden in conventional financial reporting

AppsGrade provides a full range of services to help you design and implement comprehensive profitability management solutions.

With our expertise at your disposal, you can maximize your digital transformation:

Implement best-practice methods

Optimize your allocation model

Simplify integration with your organizational systems

Design advanced analytical layers


Implement Complex Allocation Methods 

 Activity-based costing
 Multi-stage and multi-dimensional allocation
 Time driven ABC
 Capacity management costing


Slash Time Cycles and Enhance Output Accuracy

Develop and sharpen your methods
Stop wasting time on low-value tasks
Automate data gathering
Integrate embedded validation rules



Focus on What You Do Best!

 Empower your analytics

 Adopt innovative BI and reporting tools

 Run what-if scenarios on a multi-dimensional engine

 Share insights. Make data-based operational decisions 

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